Saturday 22 July 2017

Holographic gradient stamping, review of Lina stamping plate

Hi guys!

In my last post I reviewed a beautiful sky blue cream polish. It was the perfect canvas for stamping.

I also got my hands on a massive amount of Lina stamping plates a while back, and wanted to show them to you (if someone knows the best way to photograph a shiny stamping plate, please let me know, as I was struggling)

Here is the fan of gorgeousness I will try and review for you in the future:

For today's mani I choose "Feeling Shapely 07"

To be precise, I will use this image here for the gradient:

I stayed with the blue theme, and choose one silver and two blue shades for the stamping. Here are all the tools and products I used:

I bought the stamping plates from Harlow&Co, but you also can find them at Nail Artisan's.

The three colours I choose are all from Esmaltes da Kelly. They are Andromeda, Laguna and Haltere.

I also used my well loved clear stamper. Protection is important if you don't want to do a lot of clean up, I used simple liquid latex.

The polishes looked so good on the plate before I used the scraper:

After the first nail I was delighted, that the stamping turned out just as I imagined:

So here is the left hand before clean up:

And the finished result:

I'm so in love with these polishes, the pattern, the quality of the plate! I could pick up the image every single time! I definitely will try and review the other plates I have very soon!

Some pictures in direct Sunlight:

I'm very happy how it turned out, highly recommend this stamping plate!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed  my post, see you soon! Xxx

Thursday 20 July 2017

Nails Inc. GEL One Coat swatch and review

Hi guys!

Today I have a swatch and review of "Little Venice Gardens" from Nails Inc's GEL One Coat line.

This is a very beautiful sky blue colour in a cream formula.

It is absolutely and completely opaque in just one coat, which is amazing considering the lightness of this polish. I'm really impressed!!!

This line is exclusive to Marks&Spencer, and it comes in over 68 shades. I might have to make a journey to my closest store... :)

Here are the claims:
- Revolutionary Gel effect polish in just one coat
- No UV lamp needed
- No soak off required
- Fast drying
- Long wear polish with high gloss and shine
- Fuelled with Biotin, a naturally derived vitamin known to improve nail strength and durability
- Exclusive brush allows for an easy one stroke glide application

I have to say, all the claims above proved to be true so far! After wearing it for three days, the high shine is still like after the first application. There are no chips, no tip wear and no dullness.

It does have a wide "paddle" like brush, which makes it very easy to apply for my wide nails, but I think for narrower nails it would be just as perfect.

Absolutely beautiful, creamy Summery awesomeness, highly recommend this polish!

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this review, and see you soon! Xxx

Tuesday 18 July 2017

Superchic Lacquer "Dopamine" swatch and review

Hi guys!

Here I have a swatch and review for you of "Dopamine" from Superchic Lacquer.

I just tidied up my wall racks, re-organised all my untried polishes - see previous post - so I will have a very busy time ahead, hopefully with a lot of posts :)

The first polish to try is "Dopamine" from Superchic Lacquer.

This polish is a very bright cobalt blue, which glows on the nails!

It is completely opaque in two coats - it was nearly opaque in one, I just had a very few lighter spots.
It applies smoothly, doesn't want to run or pool on the side of the nail. Goes on thin, but gives a very good coverage.

It also got a very strong holographic rainbow, I couldn't resist to make a lot of pictures on the Sun!

I'm very happy I bought this polish, it's not just another blue holographic in my collection!

It's pretty, it's shiny, it's just pure Summer! Even hubby told me to keep it and he rarely says that.

I'm also trying my new photo box, please bear with my until I got the right setup.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed this review, see you soon! Xxx

Monday 17 July 2017

Cream nail polish re-organising/declutter

Hi guys!

Here I have a very very long post for you. This year I tried to build up my cream polishes, switching to cruelty free and less toxic products.

I don't have to tell you it didn't took me a long time to fill a whole wall rack plus to have some overflow. There were just tons and tons of stunning cream collections from the Indie brands I love so much.

But it was time to go through my whole collection.

I started this journey a while ago with the help of the lovely Karen, and we separated all the polishes I was 100% sure in keeping.

At the moment they rest in two shoe boxes - all 140 of them - awaiting their come back.

Not a very elegant and respectful way of showing them love, but they are very precious to me!

I also have some swatch sticks ready to be painted. That's another time consuming but therapeutic process. Let me know in the comments if you want to see a post on that! :)

I also had a smaller box for the "maybes" - only 29, which would be enough for a whole month if I would wear a different one every day...

So here is the kind of mess I had to deal with:

As you might know, I halved my collection down to three wall racks instead of six. I try not to allow myself to have more, but I think I might have seriously failed on that...

The first one houses all the untried CBL, Glam Polish, Color Alike, FUN Lacquer, Femme Fatale, A England, Emily de Molly, Powder Perfect, Painted Polish, Polished for Days, Nine Zero and the only one Parrot Polish I have.

The second one got all the Cirque, Girly Bits, Bow Polish, Starrily, Fair Maiden, ILNP, Native War Paints, Sayuri, Pahlish, Pretty Serious, Picture Polish, Illyrian, Grace-full, Bluebird Lacquer, Dance Legend, Color Club, Superchic, Esmaltes da Kelly, Daria, Cadillacquer, Chaos&Crocodiles, Bear Pawlish, Tonic Polish, Sparklea Polish and a few mainstream brands like China Glaze, OPI and Zoya.

The bottom row are mainstream creams I still haven't find replacement for.

The third rack holds all the cream polishes I hoarded in the past few months, and I also got a healthy overflow on my desk:

So today I did bite the bullet, and attacked all the creams trying to find dupes or less pigmented polishes.

First I separated them by colour. OMG you guys, I didn't think I have so many of each colour family... 

It's kind of embarrassing...

Let's start with the purples, 16 of them. 16!!!!! I don't even like purple that much...

Here I have swatched them all side by side. The polishes on the left will stay, I have one maybe in the middle, and all the polishes on the right are going. Yep, good start! Let's hope it stays. :)

Next stop are the pinks. Pinks. Just to make it clear, I don't really like pinks. Where are these all coming from??? ;)

Again, the polishes on the left I'm keeping (???), I have two to try, as they are very similar, and the two on the right are getting destashed. Sorry guys, I will repeat this throughout the post...

Let's have a look on the yellows. I can not say I wear a lot of yellow polish, but I constantly try to find the perfect yellow to water marble with:

They are all so pretty, some of them I know how they behave, the other ones are quiet new to me, so I still have to play around with them. I only had one maybe and one to say goodbye to in this group.

Next stop is the oranges, peaches and corals. Again, not a colour I would use for a full mani, but love them in nail designs:

Do you hear that? They scream Summer to me!!! I have three maybe and two to the destash pile.

Next stop: reds. Love, love, love reds, but I don't use red very often in a nail designs, and for a solid colour I'm very picky in the shade of red I want to wear. So here they are:

Surprisingly I did the biggest damage in this category, keeping only three, one maybe, and getting rid of four... Interesting...

I don't have to many whites, but I still compared them - this doesn't includes my all time favorite Sinful Colors, but I know I will definitely keep that one, as well these four.

Neutrals. Now this is an interesting category, as I thought I have to find the perfect mannequin colour, but it seems I have more than enough to choose from:

There were only a few maybes, at this point I don't know which one I will part with.

The next two colour groups really shocked me. I do love the pale greens/turquoise colours, yet I never wear them! Why on Earth do I have so many of them??? I seriously have to have a conversation with myself...

Not sure if I should be disappointed or should be happy, as I kept a lot, have 7 maybes and I'm only getting rid of one... This whole declutter is not going as good as I planned...

Last but not the biggest pile, the blues... I have to admit, I love myself a bit of blue in every shade, but let's be honest, this is rather excessive... 26 polishes! A normal person have that amount all together including top and base coats... :)

I think I might just lost the power I used to jump into this whole sorting through... Again, I'm keeping 17, have 10 maybes or to compare, and only managed to round up the destash pile with 2 polishes... Well, it seems I'm not able to be as ruthless as I wanted to be...

So at the moment, the keepers are back on the wall, proudly awaiting the next step in their life.

I have a box nearly full with the ones I have to try, 31 of them. God help me... Oh, forgot to mention the 189 untried ones on the first two racks... 

Lovely! I don't even know where to start! :)

Definitely feel better, that my colours are thinned out, I can see more where I'm lacking on shades (do I???), and which color combinations I want to play with.

Let me know what kind of post you would like to see next!

I hope you enjoyed this rather long post, thank you so much to stopping by! See you soon! Xxx